Noszvaj-Várkút, 2015. szeptember 19-26.

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"CleverYouth" Project

“Studying culture without experiencing culture shock is like practicing swimming without experiencing water.”

Geert Hofstede, Dutch social psychologist's quote is the best summary of our project, in which we aimed to implement intercultural communication activities among European Youth, encouraging interactive communication between different cultures.

Our project is called "CleverYouth", which would be a tripartite initiation of AgriaGEOGRÁFIA Public Benefit Foundation of Eszterházy Károly College founded in Eger, Szigeti Magyar Ifjúsági Szervezet from Máramarossziget and Pro Cultura Subkarpathika non-profit organization in Beregszász. AgriaGEOGRÁFIA Public Benefit Foundation -collaborating with EKC Department of Geography- is devoted to geography teacing, research and application, founded in 2009. The SZMISZ and Pro Cultura Subkarpathika have a significant, multi-year experience in field of cultural program management.

"CleverYouth" Youth Exchange is focuses on promoting multilingualism. Creating a society which is able to benefit linguistic diversity well, as well as encourage Youth to learn foreign languages, keeping in mind Lifelong learning (LLL) perspectives. The term "CleverYouth" includes all the competencies, which is necessary for an intelligent and clever young European.

As part of the project we would like to point out the way of overcoming the difficulties resulting from different cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds, and empower Youth how they can become confident European citizens with their existing skills, creating new opportunities in field of education and labor market by themselves.

Within the framework of the Youth Exchange participants could learn the necessary key competences for intercultural dimension by solving various taksk, while they will be taking part in colorful programs together during the 8 days and gainging insight good examples.

The goals of "CleverYouth" are based on four priorities. The objectives include the Lifelong Learning method and the implementation of intercultural dimension. The project would encourage Youth to participate in active civic engagement, and democratic European-wide common tasks. The Youth Exchange intends to involve young people with cultural, linguistic and ethnic hadicaps, in order to achieve equality between gender and country. Highlighting that mentioned backgrounds bring for life same challenge for all nations, and the key of overcoming difficulties is in our own hand. According to intercultural attributes the project helps enforcement of solidarity and tolerance, strong European dimension and development of European identity. Promoting cooperative thinking about European society and its values.

The young people will be confronted with different ways of thinking and behavior in the intercultural situations. Designing the tasks of the Youth Exchange we consider the application of non-formal and informal learning practices as the most important criterion. Several workshops, panel discussions and expert-led group sessions accompanied by self-reflection every day will complete the eight-day period, but we can find more casual form of cultural and gastronomic evenings between programs.

The young participants would get acquainted with the ground-breaking energy modellregion project in Environmental Science Institute of Eszterházy Károly College and then they could visit local enterprises illustrating good examples.

The Romanian, Ukrainian and Hungarian young people will participate equally in equality between the sexes and the countries involved in the project. accompanied by 2-2 person. The participants are disadvantaged arising from cultural, linguisic and ethnic differencies. Most of them attend university or college. A few participants have already got a degree or being currently engaged in master's level studies.

The project results in local, regional, national and international level effects, with positive effects on both direct and indirect participants. The Youth Exchange would be good practice for the implementation of a tripartite cross-border intercultural cooperation for short- and long-term too. Overcoming the cultural, linguistic and ethnic differencies - with the competences acquired- Youth could move towards European citizenship. At local level, this initiation would sets and example for young people in Eger, Máramarossziget and Beregszász encouraging them to use similar methods of our project in order to achieve their own initiations. Regional and national decision-making bodies and civic life actors also have multiplier effect, who could use the results of our tripartite Romanian-Ukrainian-Hungarian project, providing sustainability for the impacts.

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