Felsőtárkány, 2016. március 13-20.

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In a sustainable Europe we should think about the conservation of natural values responsibly. The environmental education is the key to our future and the voluntary participation of youth in environmental protection and conservation is essential.

Our project is titled "BioMob" which would be implemented by AgriaGeográfia Foundation from Eger, in the framework of a three-sided partnership of Hollósy Simon Cultural Organisation from Máramarossziget and Vojvodina Youth Forum from Szabadka. The AgriaGeográfia Foundation closely cooperate with Eszterházy Károly College was founded in 2009 in order to supporting geography education, research and adaptation. All of the partners have a significant role in local community development, contribute actively to the environmental education of young generations, acquiring remarkable reputation and recognition over the years and decades. Our youth exchange aimed to encourage the social resonsibility of young generation in field of natural and environmental protection. The central issue of the project is to protect and preserve values of biodiversity and the closely related geodiversity. as a young European citizen.

The objectives of youth exchange is based on Europe 2020 Strategy, in particularly „Erasmus+”program priorities. The targets are consist of natural and environmental challenges, and the implementation of intercultural dimension. The project would motivate the Youth for environmental-sound, active civic engagement to protect our natural values. The youth exchange intends to strengthen equality between genders and countries by involving disadvantaged young people. Highlighting the fact, that natural, environmental and cultural values are important evenly for all nation due to the similar signification and moral values of their preservation and conservation.According to intercultural attributes the project supports to overcome cultural differencies promoting the strong European dimension and European citizenship. We should support cooperative thinking of European society and its values. During the eight days of the youth exchange 42 people would be involved; 12 young participants and 2 accompanying persons from each country, regarding to equality between genders. The age-group of the Youth means the students of colleges. All of them are geographically, culturally or economically disadvantaged, however interested in solving environmental issues and want to take part in „BioMob”actively and voluntarily.

The date of Exchange: 13-18/03/2016 in Felsőtárkány

Preparation, implementation and evaluation phases with monitoring task would be performed with the partners. therefore the cooperation of the three organasations should be equal, in a total harmony and in line as wall as in decision-making mechanism. Planning the programs and tasks, applying non-formal and informal learning methods were considered as primary criteria to respond to the needs of the disadvantaged young participants. Thematic programs include introduction, team-building, creativity developing tasks, the following professional group activities, focusing on the main issue of youth exchange. Emphasizing the role of „eco-activities”, which are enriched with informally playing and recreation. The variety of programs are improved by daily English language programs and gastro-cultural programs. In the program the young people learn and develop key competencies adopted by the European Union, and finishing the activity personal Youthpass certificate will be issued for all young people.

The project results in local , regional, national and international level effects. The short term impacts contribute to young people's mental health and conservation, and have a positive effect on building links between the three civil organisations. In the long run helps to promote environmental education , in terms of the environmental initiatives and the protection of bio-geodiversity our project will be estimated as a flagship project. As a good practice example for the implementation of cross-border inter-cultural cooperation, the participants will be able to overcome the cultural differences due to skills acquired. In addition the project gives an opportunity to shift towards European citizenship for the youth. Overall, "BioMob" is engaged to the benefit of individuals, institutions, organisations and the whole society.

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